Going Once, Going Twice!



My awesome friend Kaitlyn is helping us out by hosting a silent auction! We’re reaching out to all artists, makers, instructors, gurus, chefs, and dog-walkers who have either an item(s) or service that they’d be willing to donate to the effort.

The auction will be taking place on instagram @bravelittlelungsauction on July 15, 16, & 17 and 100% of the proceeds will be going toward my lung transplant and recovery.

If you’re interested or know someone who may be able to contribute, CLICK HERE to register. For any and all questions, you can also contact Kaitlyn Tanner at [email protected]

Thank you all for the continuing love and support you give, we love you all!

TEASER ALERT – Below is a list of items Henry and I will be submitting to the silent auction:

My dad’s bronzed baby shoe (not a pair…just the one)

Starting Bid: $5MM


3 Solid Hours of Henry’s Unsolicited Opinion On Anything

Starting Bid: A Sturdy Set of Earplugs


550 ft of used oxygen tubing

Starting Bid: In-Network Health Insurance


One Year Supply of Tacos

Starting Bid: A Gallon of Pepto Bismol


A Guided Hike through the Adirondacks (with this stock photo man who majored in women’s studies at Berkeley and reunited with his birth mother at this year’s Coachella)

Starting Bid: Pepper Spray


A Chicken

Starting Bid: One Chicken


Mackenzie’s Terrifying Troll Collection

Starting Bid: A Priest


A 3 Hour Puppy Massage

Starting Bid: One Bitter Dog Who Just Needs to Get Away From It All


Full Ownership of Blue Ivy Carter’s Instagram Account

Starting Bid: One Loyal Husband #Lemonade


Two Life Coach Sessions with Richard Simmons

Starting Bid: Good Luck Out-bidding Mackenzie


Click Below to Register an Item or Service

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