Happy Days Are Here


Photo courtesy of the dynamic duo, Kimbry Studios

For those of you just joining us, we are Henry and Mackenzie here at bravelittlelungs. We met, fell in love, got married and in 2015 were introduced to our greatest challenge yet:  I was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease. Together with love, laughter, and no shortage of tacos, we combat the ups and downs of post-marriage weight gain..oh, and lung disease.

We decided to combine our respective blogs into a one-stop shop. Henry’s blog, dearmackenzie.com is now here at bravelittlelungs.com!  We wanted to make it easy for all of you to follow along and stay up to date with all the craziness ahead. We will be posting every day, so follow us and stay tuned!

We’ll leave you a little video to start your Monday off right. It’s our favorite to sing along to (I’m Babs, Henry is Judy). And we can always tell I’m having a good lung day when I can belt the last few lines in the video. “Happy days…are…here…aaaAAAGAIN!”

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