So…I have this thing, where I love Kenny Loggins. You know, the Danger Zone, Footloose singing man. This love affair began as a captive backseat dweller in my parent’s van (they were huge fans), singing along to such hits as “This is it!” and “Heart to heart.”  I literally know all the lyrics to all of his songs. From Loggins and Messina to Live in the Redwoods…I’ve got it covered. (Don’t even get me started on Michael Mcdonald…such blue eyes!). I realize these reference will be lost on many of you, but don’t worry, that just means you’re most likely under the age of 55.

Henry and I were in the midst of our celebratory anniversary weekend when he surprised me with two tickets to see, you guessed it, Kenny Loggins in concert! What a man…Henry, not Kenny. So we took a mid-week trip to Portland JUST to see the concert. Why Portland? Oh..because Kenny was playing at the Oregon State Fair, of course. Such class. Just Henry, me, Kenny, and the retirement community of Portland. Dreams really do come true.

This would also be a great opportunity for us to check out the City of Portland. We’ve been trying to decide what our next steps will be now that the Lung transplant has been “postponed until further notice.” We’ve been eyeing the Pacific Northwest for it’s good air (sans forest fires), low elevation, proximity to good lung hospitals and fairly decent rent prices…sort of. I guess everything feels cheaper than the Bay area. Not to mention, it’s beautiful!

Little known fact about me, I love planning trips. I love picking out where we’re going to stay and planning activities and, most importantly, where we’re gonna EAT (#roidrage). But nothing was more fun than picking out our Airbnb stays. We had two nights to cover and I scoured the interwebs for THE best places to stay. And I found them. I’m not even kidding…if you ever find yourself in Portland, you HAVE to stay at this Private Urban Farmhouse (click here) and this Sunny Nob Hill Bungalow (click here). Both were so different, but quintessential Portland.

You could barely see out the window the day we landed. The local fires had put a dense haze in the air. Luckily, Henry brought at least 14 Rafa inspired head wraps that I used as a mask to block the air from my sensitive lungs.

Yes…we rented a mini van. Henry was adamant.

We checked in at our little cottage and our Portland adventure began!


Tamale Boy – THE BEST tamales I’ve EVER had.

Buffalo Exchange Thrift Store – Maybe I added to my mumu collection…

Powell’s Bookstore – Be sure to check out the special collections floor. $350,000 will buy you a copy of a 1st edition of Lewis & Clark’s published expedition.

Ruby Jewel Ice Cream – Brown Sugar with Marionberry Jam + Crisp was my favorite!


Mother’s Bistro & Bar – Corn Flake Crusted French Toast isn’t on anyone’s diet, but….vacation.

Multnomah Falls – Take the scenic drive home, passing the Vista House overlooking the gorge. It’s Gorge-ous. (See what I did there???)

We checked into our 2nd Airbnb which was conveniently located right across the street from Trader Joe’s. Dangerous!

We had a little breather before making the drive to Salem for the Oregon State Fair. Henry could barely contain his excitement! Ok…maybe excited isn’t the word…but I was excited.

And there he was…

Kenny himself…in all his skinny-legged glory. And let me tell you, he’s still got it! You bet your sweet bippy, he does! Don’t even get me started on his band of musketeers. His backup singer was on. point. And his guitarist? The hair….the wind…the reverb. Just pure musical glory.  Maybe the bass player was rocking some itty-bitty leather pants and some serious black hair plugs, but we all do the best we can, right? And sure enough, I knew all the words, and couldn’t stop smiling THE ENTIRE TIME.

When Henry and I left the concert…we were filled with such joy. So much joy, in fact, that henry did a Julie-Andrews-the-hills-are-alive twirl right into a switch leap and subsequently ripped his pants. Yes…everyone saw. No, we aren’t as young as we used to be.

Portland Temple – Such a beautiful site – glowing in the dark, misty Portland night sky! We spotted it off the freeway driving home late. Had to make a detour.


Helser’s On Alberta – My Dutch baby apparently deflated on it’s way out to me, and the waitress took it off our bill! Such a sweet little place.

And that was that. Henry…thank you for fulfilling all my dreams, one dream at a time.

Portland…you’re super cool. I’m ready to buy some clogs, open an outdoor-thrift-store-coffee shop and bike my way to an eco-friendly existence. When can we move in?

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