The Way We Were(n’t)


Here’s a little Throwback Thursday to a time when Henry and I were a combined 70 pounds lighter than we are today. To a time before tubes and tests and tears and triumph. A time of bangs and baby love. when things were new. and simple.

A little backstory: Henry and I were engaged in May of 2013. He surprised me in New York City at the entrance to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and asked for my hand and eternity. We planned for an August wedding, but for reasons known and unknown at the time, we called the wedding off (hence the “save the date of August 9, 2013”). It was one of the most difficult times of my life, if not THE hardest time of my life. I know Henry’s experience was no exception. I always tell Henry, those two years of ups and downs was harder to me than this whole lung disease thing. I can deal with the thought of dying, but the thought of living without Henry (even before I knew the pain of illness) was almost more than I could bear.

He waited patiently and as you know, we eventually did tie the knot, two years later and just two days shy of our original wedding date. I can honestly say that August 8th, 2015 was THE best day of my life.

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We worked through a lot in those two years. Our relationship didn’t mimic the seemingly “perfect” pattern of our peers, but it was ours. We followed our hearts and when I married him, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was what I wanted. Full steam ahead! The Lord was pleased, I was ready, and Henry was ready. I knew we would be successful at navigating whatever life would throw at us. We were best friends. We weren’t perfect. And that was ok. We loved each other. We knew how to forgive. And the rest we knew we could figure out.

Shakespeare said, “Timing is everything.” Sometimes, you just have to trust the timing of your life. Things always work out the way they should. Everything we went through in the past, prepared us for this transformative time of our lives. It has been such an honor and a blessing to weather this storm by his side. He’s my lighthouse.

My split soul. There’s no one else it could have been. It was always Him.

*This video and subsequent images were crafted by our brilliant friend Alyssa Tolman of The Very Happy Pear. I was sad we never were able to share this video because of the circumstances…better late than never! (Wedding image by the incredible Kimbry Studios)

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    April 12, 2017

    I’m so excited to find your blog! I was diagnosed with restrictive lung disease at the end of a wonderful 8 day birding trip with one of my girlfriends who lives in Alaska. We were birding the Florida panhandle and by the end of the trip I could barely breathe. Dropped her at the airport and off to my doctor who called 911 and to the hospital I went. Diagnosed with pneumonia and a month later diagnosed with restrictive lung disease due to my scoliosis. I had turned 60 in December and was ready to live a semi-retired life. Had not planned to do it at the end of a 50 foot cord!! I started a blog Calling all SOB’s (sob shortness of breath!) but I have not gotten any followers. So I’m thrilled to have found yours while shopping for a portable oxygen concentrator. Keep writing!

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