Our Ocean



We’re laying on the blanket you gave me for our first anniversary.

It’s printed with a picture of us running into our favorite ocean the day before we got married.

We’re at a different ocean now.

The water is not as blue, but reflects the cool, blue grey tones of the cloudy sky above.

I can feel the salt spray on my lips from the perch of the sandy hill we’ve positioned ourselves on.

The ocean sounds like the earth breathing.

I’d never noticed that before.

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  • Bonnie Card
    September 7, 2016

    Absolutely beautiful poem. Yes… it reads like poetry. On another note, I bought the cook book for my son who is at BYU-I. His girlfriend (soon to be finance) has celiac disease and MUST have a gluten-free diet. (unlike the fad where people proclaim they are gluten-free for a “healthy” lifestyle, she experiences hair loss and a variety of other ugly things- Ha!). I love how there are great recipes in the book for a diet like hers. At any rate, I happened upon your blog and have been following you, praying for you, laughing with you, and crying too. I have faith these Doctors can help you.

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