Cooking Up Some Charity


14063792_10210202160759966_1821996784119669143_nHere’s the cold, hard truth; my idea of cooking has usually involved such recipes as wrapping crescent roll dough around hot dogs and baking them in the oven. Many a past roommate can attest, my cooking skills rested on the spectrum somewhere between cold cereal and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I mean, I started using the smoke alarm as a timer. Henry, on the other hand grew up under the hand of a Polynesian food whisperer. Without even a blink, he can feed a crowd of ‘hangry’ linebackers with a crock pot and a Costco card.

Since our marriage, I have been inspired by Henry’s finesse, growing a fondness for cooking and have desired to grow my skills…or maybe I just got done watching “Julie and Julia” and I have a puffed up sense of adventure.  But where the mind is willing, the body is weak. My skills need developing, or in other words, my hands need to keep up with my appetite.

cookbook_2So you can imagine my excitement when my dear friend, Chelsea Jackson announced that she had just published a cooking book for those of us who, “can’t stand instant noodles another day.” Don’t let the title fool you. Cooking Through College isn’t just for the college student, but for anyone who wants meals that are easy to make and good for you to boot. Most of the recipes can be made Gluten free. Hallelujah. Finally, someone understands my plight. She also explained to me that the recipes are designed around short cook times, prepare-and-leave slow cooker meals, or make-ahead foods. There are 150 recipes that will help you save money, teach you to cook, and help your brain and body work right. Yes please!

We could hardly wait to receive our own personal copy. But in the meantime, she sent us a delicious recipe to try: Coconut Thai Curry. Let it be known that I LOVE Thai food. I could hook that stuff up to a vein, I love it so much. But I’m also very picky. It seems every Thai restaurant makes their Thai food slightly different then the next plate. But let me tell you…this recipe melted my face off. Like that scene in Indiana Jones where they open the ark and that guys face just melts?! Yeah…like that. SO GOOD! The recipe was easy to follow, easy to make, and easy eat! I practically inhaled it, barely remembering to chew.

As another testament to the kind of person Chelsea is, she has kindly offered 20% of the proceeds from every Cooking Through College sale donated to our Brave Little Lungs foundation, helping with our medical costs. If only I could cook as well as Chelsea is kind. I guess with her help, I now finally can! Follow this link to donate and get a copy of your own!











เพื่อนกินหาง่าย เพื่อนตายหายาก

Pheuuan gin haa ngaay pheuuan dtaay haa yaak.

“Friends for a meal are easy to find, friends until the end of life are difficult to find.”

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