Freedom Days


Mackenzie Madsen - Swimming

You want to know the cold hard truth? Some days are better than others. And Monday was better than most. Something about the holiday and the warm sun on my face and the company of loved ones made me feel free. It’s a feeling that I used to take for granted. I think I actually forgot that I was attached to a 25 ft chord of plastic, blasting cold, pure oxygen into my baby nostrils. They don’t call it memorial day for nothing. ย It’s a day for remembering. And sometimes we need to remember how lucky we are to be free.

Mackenzie Madsen - Brave Little Lungs

Meet puff puff

Mackenzie Madsen - Brave Little Lungs - Pool

Me, candidly posed by my creative director husband. My very own Grace Coddington.

Mackenzie Madsen - Toes

Red, White and Blue

Mackenzie Madsen - Carter Madsen

Carter…right before he almost dunked me (which would have resulted in my untimely death)

Mackenzie Madsen - Pool

As Kaylie would say, “I am a sniper.” (Not pictured: her beautiful sun-bathing body on the side of the pool cuz…privacy)

Mackenzie Madsen - Pool Time

Can I live here?

Mackenzie Madsen - Henry Unga

Boo boo

Mackenzie Madsen - Henry Unga

All I want is to be cradled like a baby. or just be a baby.

Mackenzie Madsen - Towel

That’s my the-wind-is-blowing-and-I’m-cold-and-I’m-trying-not-to-hyperventilate-shivering-like-a-wet-Chihuahua face.

Mackenzie Madsen - Tubes

Cord Confusion

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  • Lori Payne
    July 11, 2016

    Hi Mackenzie,
    My husband has pulmonary fibrosis. He had a left lung transplant in July 2008 at the University of Utah medical center. The new lung has given him eight extra years of life and counting. Although his new lung is now beginning to fail, he counts it a blessing that he has been able to meet his twelve grandchildren. Our society has amazing medical advances. Have hope! You can win this fight.
    Lori Payne

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